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"ISO 9001 certification assessment done by QCL is a great experience for us. It helped us in identifying non-conforming areas of our organizations Quality Management System".                                                                                                                                

Technomaxx Forensics Pvt. Ltd.: Arvind Naswan (MD)

"Our all employees are satisfied with the training programme held by QCL in understanding Quality Management System standard for documentation and Implimentation process information provided by QCL."


A2Z Group :  Mr. Alok Kumar Gupta (Chairman)

"I'm extremely satisfied with the dealing of my organization for ISO certification. The first meeting with executive he could explain all my queries. This certification will help in monitoring and improvement of Quality Management System in my organisation. Suggestions of auditor helped me a lot.”

Dirco Polymers Pvt. Ltd.: Mr. Surendra (M.D.)


"Certification by QCL is a great experience. It helps a lot which is necessary for every business. Thanks to auditors of QCL”

Govt. ITI-Jabalpur-Chairman

 Consultancy services for documentation and implementation of ISO 9001 standard by QCL Certification Services became so helpful for me in understanding process and operational activities for adopting ISO 9001 certification.